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Most Recent Shows


'Erdige Stimmen' (Solo)
Curated by Markus Lettner
Goldberg Gallerie, Munich, Germany
25th - 27th of November 2022


A collaboration between Scharaun Berlin and DXIX, Los Angeles
08th - 31th of July 2022
Irenic Projects
789 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena
CA 9110, USA 

'To the Land'
Perlach Forest Munich
2nd of July 2022


'Synthetic Transfer Zone'
Plus Dede Project Space Berlin
13th - 15th of August 2021


'To the Land'
Perlach Forest Munich
12th of June 2021


10th of April - 1st of May 2021


'Instandsetzung 2'
18th - 20th of June 2021